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Distilled & Alcoholic Beverage Suppliers


10 years of solid experience, working with reliable companies and innovative brands. Always quality, always responsible.

Supplying a wide range of beverages, from different regions.  

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Distilled & Alcoholic Beverage Suppliers

About CR

We are dedicate to integral solutions of prepared and distilled beverage. Through collaboration with experts in both design and production.

Thanks to our specialized team, we obtain the best of liquid culture. Sharing distillates to all continents, facilitating the production, supply and logistics of alcoholic beverages to third parties.

Our Main Products


100% Agave, Mixto and Liquor.
From Blanco to Extra Aged


12 Varieties, 4 regions.


From all LATAM


Unlimited options


Vodka, Whiskey, etc.


Glass bottles, caps, labels


Tequila, mezcal, mixed tequila, agave distillate, brandy, rum, aged rum, Venezuelan rum, 100% agave tequila, white tequila, reposado tequila, RTD tequila, Mezcal espadin, tequila maquila, bulk tequila, isotank, bottled, bottling, glass bottle, distilled bottle, distillates, liqueurs, flavored distillate, organic tequila., own brand of spirits, spirits, destillates, Tequila Silver, Tequila Gold, tequila premium, premium agaves, premium spirits. 

Colombia, Panama, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Guatemala, Brazil, United States, Canada, Germany, China, Japan, South Korea, France, Bolivia, Venezuela, India, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, South Africa, Russia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, UK, Ireland, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Taiwan, Philippines, Poland, Belgium, Norway, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Qatar, Portugal, Finland, Sudan, Ecuador, Denmark, Greece, Kuwait, Oman, Croatia, Costa Rica, Yemen, Macau, Slovenia, Lithuania, Jordan, Uganda.

Nothing to be worried!

Turn Key Alcoholic Beverage Solutions 

Tequila, mezcal, tequila mixto, destilado de agave, aguardiente, ron, ron añejo, ron venezolano, tequila 100% agave, tequila blanco, tequila reposado, tequila RTD, Mezcal espadin, Maquila de tequila, Tequila a granel, isotanque, envasado, embotellado, botella de vidrio, botella destilados, destilados, licores, destilado saborizado, tequila orgánico, Tequila plata, tequila cristalino. tequila añejo.

Colombia, Panamá, Chile, Argentina, Perú, Guatemala, Brasil, Estados Unidos, Canadá, Alemania, China, Japón, Corea del Sur, Francia, Bolivia, Venezuela, India, Arabia Saudita, Nigeria, Sudáfrica, Rusia, Malasia, Vietnam, Singapur, Australia, Italia, España, Reino unido, Uk, Irlanda, Turquía, Irán, Egipto, Taiwan, Filipinas, Polonia, Bélgica, Noruega, República Checa, Ucrania, Qatar, Portugal, Finlandia, Sudán, Ecuador, Dinamarca, Grecia, Kuwait, Omán, Croacia, Costa Rica, Yemen, Macao, Eslovenia, Lituania, Jordania, Uganda.

Liquour Source

Supply from Tequilas, Mezcal, Rum and other distillates. From México and all around the world. 

A competitive price product or a very special ultra premium beverage or even flavored options.

Bottling Service 

Bottling and Labeling in the properties. Your product ready to sale. 

Legal and Trade solutions

All you need to sale, supply and export is solved.

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